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If you'd like to explore these options, Natalie Doyle, our brilliant financing manager, would love to speak with you.

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Contact her here. Every pool is custom and prices will depend on the variables above. Below is a list of all the features that come in our Classic Pool Package. If you'd like to get a current quote, please fill out the form on this page below or call Brush, 16 ft. To help you visualize what these might look like, we've put together a gallery of " Simple Backyard Designs " below.

Pool Builders AZ - Rated #1 When it Comes to Arizona Pool Builders

Most of the pools here have extra features that add to the cost of the pools, but they should give you an idea of what budget-conscious pools can look like. You'll notice landscaping, patios, water features, and other elements that aren't included in the base pool package, these can be added to customize your pool and backyard.

If you'd like to quickly get a more specific estimate for your pool, we offer free design consultations.

Your consultation is essentially a brief chat with one of our world-class designers about the pool you'd like to build, your backyard, and your budget. If you'd like to get more information on financing, click the button below: While we're financially conscious when building our pools, and we adhere to the same level of craftsmanship on every project, sometimes our customers go all-out when transforming their backyards. From Tucson to Phoenix, Marana to Scottsdale, Queen Creek to Buckeye, we've had the opportunity to transform all types of incredible backyards and build some of the most beautiful pools in the world.

While not everyone can afford to build types of backyards, these luxury Arizona pools can inspire your own project!


Custom Pools. Virtual Reality Design. Pool Gallery. Pool Products. Special Offers. Get Started. Custom Spas. Spa Benefits. Your Personal Massage Therapist. Pool Maintenance Tips. Pool School. Service Specials. Contact Service. Commercial Pools. Commercial Team. What's more, if you have a filter that requires backwashing, you are literally "sending thousands of gallons of water down the drain," he says. That is 4, acre-feet of valuable water," Woodhurst says. Your water bill will depend, therefore, on how efficiently you use water in your pool, coupled with the water rates charged in your community.

Chuck in a Truck will always be cheaper than an established full-service company.

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The bar to get into this business is very low, as can be verified by the number of individuals coming into the industry and going out of business year after year. If the deal seems too good to be true Anyone should be able to find information about specific pool service companies from the Central Arizona Better Business Bureau.

Search for accredited "Swimming Pool Service and Repair" companies. There, look for companies in your city or zip code, see ratings and what kind of complaints might have been filed against companies, and find out how long companies have been in business. As for the cost of heating a pool, it is difficult to estimate because there are so many variables, Woodhurst notes.

In the Phoenix area, the swim season is five or six months for adults, and possibly longer for kids.

Complete Pool Packages

The options for heating include gas natural and propane , electric heaters or heat pumps, solar, and other alternatives. Pool covers are great for extending the season without a heater, and they save on chemicals, evaporation, and cleaning.

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You'll use far less energy if the pool is not exposed to sand, grit, and dust. An in-floor cleaning and circulation system.

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  6. There is no good reason to use a hose cleaner any longer. You would not buy a car in the desert without air-conditioning. Likewise, don't have a pool built without a quality cleaning and circulation system. This is the heart of the pool. A multispeed pool pump.

    Install either a two-speed or a variable-speed pump, with the latter being the best choice now. Variable-speed pumps will save you hundreds of dollars annually for many years, he advises. A large capacity, cartridge-style modular media filter. The bigger the better. Opt to install filters that need cleaning maybe once a year. Commercial-grade, square-foot filters filter from the top down, another very important feature. Don't install this type of filter if you have dogs using the pool.

    A chlorinator. Use chlorine tablets rather than a floating sanitation dispenser, which is crude and not very efficient. A simple ozone system to cut down on chlorine demand. This will easily save you a couple hundred dollars a year, he says. A durable swimming pool interior.

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