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There are many priorities, but only a couple of workers and limited resources, so you need to plan your strategy carefully.

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Leveling up your king and investing in archers early on may make sense if you like to do a lot of raids, but you may find that your kingdom is defenseless against other attackers and your farms and taverns are woefully unprepared to produce your war machine. Tournaments with rewards: One of the bigger draws of the game is the timed tournaments you can participate in.

These are essentially small leaderboards that keep track of who has accrued the most points and gold during a particular time against fellow players.

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The highest-ranking player at the end of the designated time period wins. The more time you spend signed off, the more likely you are to be raided. Since online play is such an essential part of the game, I wish they handled broken connections better.

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The great thing: Each share you do is also a friend invite as it also includes a friend code. Here you can get gold shields, gems, hero items, gold and other things in exchange for your vouchers. If you need more vouchers, encourage your friends become stronger Kings or invite more friends to play Royal Revolt 2. This chat is only between the two of you. Players that have a voucher icon next to their name are connected to you by a friend code — either they entered your friend code or you entered their friend code.

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Social Features & Voucher System

Read more. I wish you guys were closer!

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